#read7in7 Day 5

Practice makes perfect, they say.

Perfect practice makes perfect, a clever variation states.

How can I practice perfectly when I’m practicing to become perfect?

How can you perfectly present news that will be seen as imperfect no matter what?

Don’t shoot the messenger, unless the messenger is the message-er.

When my message will cause distress, and there is no one else

To deliver it, I am the deliverer of distress, am I not?

I desire to be delivered from delivering.

To be the bearer of bad news is bad enough without bearing

The ability to adjust the account to be borne.

I am positive I cannot positively affect the negative effects

Of what I have to say; I will effect a change in affections,

No matter how I say it. But say it I must or I must say I

Will have misled the Miss I feel called to lead. I have will

To speak… I think.

And in thinking I overthink, re-think, think twice.

In my thinking I am sinking as a sinking feeling

Sweeps me under.

Understandingly, I feel overwhelmed.

Over and under I tumble through my mind.

Do you mind my tumbling?

Will you tumble with me, and be mindful of

The one who directs my steps?

Or will we crumble when my steps direct me ever away.

But not astray.

Is there ever a way to stay when

I have promised to follow hard after You?

What will follow if I follow?

Only time will tell, they say.