#read7in7 explanation and other news!

Hey wonderful people who follow my blog (or just happen to have been reading it right now) I wanted to give a quick explanation about what Read 7 in 7 is, and some changes I’m making to my personal blog(s).

7 in 7 is basically a creative challenge to create 7 pieces of art in 7 days. The literature portion of 7 in 7 is called Read 7 in 7 and it’s the one I participated in. The blogs that were written for that are labeled clearly with the #Read7in7 title. From now on, this blog will be going back to the once or twice a month updates on what God is teaching me and what He is doing in Austin that I am a part of.

HOWEVER: I going to start a new blog (found here) where I will continue the creative writing, poetry, short stories, etc. because I’ve really enjoyed forcing myself to write. It’s been really good for me, and I love telling stories with written language. If you are mostly interested in the fiction/poetry/prose I create, you may want to follow that blog instead of this one. If you are mostly interested in God’s work through me in the children of Austin, this is the blog to follow!

Thanks again for all the love and support. I’m blessed to have any readers at all, and you guys are great!