Time well spent

Most of my readers probably already know this because of the newsletter I sent out recently, but I will be finishing up my time with the Austin Stone Community Church in just over a week.

It’s sad to think that I will be leaving this staff that has become so much like a family to Stephanie and I. However, we are joyful about where God is taking us, and excited to see what new things He has in store.

I will be starting a new job at LifeWay Christian Resources starting in August. This requires a move to Nashville, and to some extent the embracing of a new culture. Stephanie and I are certainly nervous about being so far from friends and family, but we trust that the Lord will use us to glorify Himself.

Because I will have a bit of time between jobs, I have been thinking a lot about how to use my time well. It’s easy for me to waste time if I don’t set out a plan for how to use it productively. More than anything, I want to honor God with my time.

That said, one way I feel I can honor Him is to catch up with my supporters! I will be seeking opportunities to grab lunch or coffee with anyone who has been a part of my team the last two years, and I can’t wait to tell you all the cool things I’ve learned, done, and plan to do.

If you get my newsletter, you can find more information there, but if not, please visit the About or Support page on this blog to figure out what you can do now that I’m finishing up with the Stone.


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