The Pendulum

This is a poem I have been working on for the past few weeks as God shows me the back and forth tendency of my heart. I hope you enjoy it!

My cheeks are burning hot with rage;

Religion is my cozy cage.


But it can no more fill me up

Than one who pours from empty cup.


The rising water fills each lung

And my good deeds all reek of dung.


What shall I do without these rules,

With which I deem all others “fools?”


The truly foolish one am I

Who cannot feel my wooden eye.


The sickness in my heart does grow,

as evil pulls me in it’s tow.


My soul I will gladly harden,

I refuse to tend that garden


If “goodness” cannot earn my keep,

Then without sowing I shall reap.


I’ll take the things for which I lust

ignoring what I know is just.


till I can no more take and take

my heart within begins to wake


but Satan heaps upon me, eager,

Shame to make me feel so meager.


Yet meager, meek and mild seemed He

Who bore that shame at calvary.

Who paid the price to set me free;

Who ransomed me from slavery!


No longer bound to law or sin,

my heart will raise a joyful din.


The Son of God I will exalt

And make this state my soul’s default.


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