In Dependence Day

My God continues to astound me with His incredible use of irony.

For what may very well be the first time in my life, I am spending the 4th of July apart from my family (who are in Florida, enjoying the sun and sand). I am sitting at home working on support raising (and blog updating) instead. I’m noticing that having a full-time job makes some things difficult. For example, my lack of sufficient vacation is the number one reason I’m NOT currently exposing my pasty skin to cancer-beams from space in hopes of looking a little less like Casper and a little more like A.C. Slater. Additionally, my job is the reason I can’t spend 30+ hours a week sharing the vision I have for the internship at The Austin Stone. I’m dependent on the money from my current 9 to 5 in order to make it through the last few months before I begin my work as a children’s ministry intern. Strangely enough, what has been God’s means of providing for me over the last year, now feels like it’s limiting my access to God’s means of providing for me this next year. I’m bound to my current occupation by my financial obligations, which means that during what time I do get off, I’m bound to my computer and phone by my future financial obligations. So much for celebrating freedom.

But I’m remembering that God isn’t bound by a beverage company. God isn’t bound by how many people I talk to about supporting me, and He certainly isn’t bound by the number of hours in a week or how I spend them. Everything that imposes restrictions on my time and resources is nothing before a great and mighty God. So as I contemplate being dependent on a job or on other people or on my own efforts, I get a sudden sense of God’s independence from all things. Each time I fill my lungs with air, each beat of my heart or bat of my eye, would not be possible apart from the love and provision of Yahweh. Even so, He doesn’t need me to breath or blink. I’m the one that needs Him. God’s purposes will be fulfilled regardless of my efforts.

Today, as citizens of the United States of America, we celebrate the 237th anniversary of the date we declared ourselves independent of the British Empire. Ever since then (especially in Texas) Americans have thrived on the sense of individualism and control and destiny implied by Jefferson’s masterpiece.

Today, as a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and heir to heaven, in Christ, I celebrate my complete and utter dependence on God.


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