In the beginning… A Genesis story.

Ages after the Lord created the heavens and the earth and millennia since the Word, who was with God and was God, became flesh, my God continues scripting beginnings for His children. This is one such story.

Ever since the summer after my freshmen year at Texas A&M, God has been developing in me a desire to serve in vocational ministry. When I graduated, the doors that I believed I should walk through were shut, one by one, as God directed my steps to Dallas.

At first I was disappointed, a bit angry, and even distrustful of His purposes, but as I began to pray honestly and tell him about my fears and frustrations, He provided me with a growing sense of peace and patience. Soon I was plugging in to a church in Dallas (Watermark Community Church) serving with their children’s ministry, meeting weekly with a community group, and attending leadership training classes. I began to see how much maturing I needed to do, and how much of my own passions God needed to reveal to me.

Suddenly, it was the time of year when applications for ministry internships appear online. Much like last year, I applied with a sense of certainty and eagerness. And much like last year, the opportunities I most wanted slipped away. This time I was wiser for the ware. I knew God would direct me perfectly regardless of how closely my plans matched up with His. The next thing I knew, an old friend and former manager from my days rolling fatties (burritos, y’all…) contacted me about an opportunity that was God ordained in just about every sense of the phrase.

Brendan, I knew, had been interning with Austin Stone Community Church for the past two years, but due to busy schedules and different cities, we (to some extent) lost contact over the years since we forged our friendship in the fires of the Freebird’s grill. When he emailed and asked me what I was up to, it was more than a coincidence that I’d been looking for a job in children’s ministry and he’d just been invited to join up with Austin Stone as the West Campus Kid’s Director. I was excited, but also nervous. We scheduled time to talk, and soon I was filling out an application for a very unexpected opportunity.

When I visited Austin about a week later over the first weekend in June, I had already been informed that I was a bit late; most of the other interns had been interviewed and accepted and begun raising support. Before the interview, a multitude of anxieties settled in my heart. What if I wasn’t accepted and had to continue working a job that I find asinine and boring? What if I was accepted and couldn’t raise support fast enough? What would I do without my community group? Would the amazing girl I’d just started dating be willing to “do long distance”? What would my family think about me leaving Dallas again? As I shared these insecurities with Brendan and also with Stephanie (see “amazing girl I’d just started dating” above) and submitting them to the Lord (by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, of course) I truly did have waves of peace flow over me to guard my heart and my mind.

A few days (and hundreds of prayers) later, I was listening to a voicemail from Brendan inviting me to join their team as a Level 1 intern! I accepted almost immediately, and now the adventure has begun!

I’m starting this blog to share the vision God has placed in my heart and to communicate what I am learning, what I am doing, and how I am growing as I pursue this calling.

Stay tuned! This is the first of many posts, and I am hoping that those of you reading it will be blessed by seeing how God is humbling me and rebuilding me to be more and more like Christ.


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